Author: Chris Henke

IRS to Enforce IRA Rollover Rule

08:04 14 July in Uncategorized

July 14, 2014 Starting January 1, 2015, the IRS will begin limiting the number of rollovers from IRA to IRA to only one per year per taxpayer, regardless of the number of IRA’s an individual may have.  Prior to this change the annual rollover limit was...

Tax Credits for Parents

23:05 11 February in Uncategorized

February 11, 2014 As a parent there are a variety of tax credits designed to benefit you based on expenses related to your child, some of which can still be claimed once you no longer claim your child as a depended. Click here for the 8...

Employer Healthcare Mandate

23:03 11 February in Uncategorized

February, 11, 2014 On Monday, the Obama administration announced it will be giving mid-size employers (defined as employers with 50-99 full-time equivalent employees) an additional year before it must comply with the employer mandate to offer health insurance to their employees as part of the health...